The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Vero Beach

At the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center of Vero Beach (HASPCVB), our goal is to deliver specialized, optimal care for every patient. We are absolutely dedicated to helping our patients enjoy a life without worry of a heart attack, stroke, vascular dementia, type 2 diabetes and kidney failure. We achieve these goals through application of BaleDoneen Method. Heart attacks and ischemic strokes ARE preventable at Any age, and we know their causes. These causes have great potential to be reversed or stabilized to prevent any event from occurring. It starts by taking a proactive interest in understanding the real causes of the disease by seeking evidence of the disease itself, addressing all the underlying factors and monitoring treatment success over time. This is “optimal care.” We’ve all heard the statistics. Nearly 800,000 Americans die of a heart attack or stroke each year. Some with subtle or not so subtle warnings… and others who appear to be the “picture of health.” Arteriosclerosis is the parent disease which causes all heart attacks, strokes, vascular dementia and kidney failure. Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack and every four minutes, someone will die from a stroke. What are the real risk factors for heart attack and stroke? This may come as a surprise. Individuals who seem very fit and healthy may actually be at risk due to factors that are often overlooked or not taken into account at all because the standard of care is 20 years out of date. As we age, fear continues to escalate and we ask, “Will this happen to me?” Many of us know someone who did “all the right things” and still experienced an event. Why does this happen? The BaleDoneen Method is defined through the acronym EDFROG IRA.

The Foundational Elements that Make Up the Bale Doneen Method

1. Education: The foundation for effective prevention begins with patient education.

2. Disease: Treatment decisions should be based on whether or not a person has cholesterol in the wall of their arteries.

3. Fire (Inflammation): Events are triggered by inflammation, so identifying and reversing inflammation is critical. Inflammation creates the condition for the cholesterols to enter the vessel wall, where over time it becomes very unstable and erodes or ruptures into the blood vessel lumen causing the clot that blocks the vessel.

4. Root Causes: Identifying the root causes of arterial disease is essential to halting the disease

5. Optimal Goal Setting: Goals that modify risk factors in real time for a specific individual is more important than setting goals around the broad-view, basic standard of care.

6. Genetics: Utilize vascular genetic testing to render individualized care.

7. Individual Management: Patients are regarded as unique, precious individuals requiring therapies that are designed specifically for them.

8. Risk Factor Response: Risk factors are identified, monitored and managed for each individual patient. Quarterly testing through the Cleveland Heart Lab is part of this process.

9. Assessment of Disease Response: annual structural testing (CIMT) is performed to ensure the therapies are having a positive effect toward reversing the atherosclerotic disease process. Patients can see objective improvement as their arterial age decreases compared with their chronological age.

Our Process

Our process utilizes a comprehensive set of laboratory tests designed to identify multiple sources of vascular inflammation, genetic testing specific to cardiovascular disease risk, a mechanism to identify and quantify specific oral pathogens which are directly causal to atherosclerosis, and careful evaluation of your personal and family medical history, oral health, diet, and level of activity.  Additionally, we incorporate several non-invasive structural tests to assess vascular health including:

  • Ankle-Brachial Index (identifies peripheral artery disease)
  • Electrocardiograms (EKG- identifies rhythm abnormalities)
  • Carotid Intima-Media thickness test (CIMT), a state-of-the-art ultrasound measurement of the carotid arteries which looks specifically at the artery wall where disease begins.
  • InBody composition analysis

When deemed necessary, we will refer to an outside source for the following:

  • Echocardiograms (evaluates the chambers and valves of your heart)
  • An ultrasound of the abdominal/thoracic aorta, which may also be prescribed based on specific genetic traits or physical findings.
  • Formal or home sleep studies may be prescribed if sleep apnea is suspected
  • Cardiac Stress testing
  • Coronary Calcium Scoring

Once we determine your risk, we formulate a personalized treatment strategy to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and vascular dementia by reversing or stabilizing the disease of atherosclerosis.  Importantly, our ongoing assessment provides you with objective evidence of the benefits to prescribed therapy.  We love to see the arteries of our patients get younger every year!


Patients who fall under this category have shown no evidence of the disease of inflammation through our various testing protocols and would like to ensure their quality of life by taking a proactive approach to their health.


Patients who fall into the secondary prevention category have been diagnosed with arterial sclerosis (either by us or another professional) but have never experienced an event such as a heart attack or stroke.


Patients has already experienced one or more cardiac events in their lifetime (typically, a heart attack or a stroke). These patients suffer from the disease of arterial sclerosis (inflammation) and absolutely NEED a long-term treatment plan.

Our Mission

We at HAPSCVB we are 100% focused on heart attack and ischemic stroke prevention, by providing optimal private care to individuals at risk. You will find that we stand apart in patient care and satisfaction through our passionate commitment to meet each individual’s needs and healthcare goals. We will provide exceptional service, access and convenience in a healthcare environment that is attentive and responsive. We will empower our patients to take an active role in their total wellness through an enhanced, more personal patient-to-physician relationship.

We invite you to visit our Contact Us page for more information about becoming a patient at the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center of Vero Beach.

Our Vision

Utilizing the Bale Doneen method approach, our ultimate vision is to provide both lasting and cost-effective heart attack and stroke prevention treatment to residents of the Treasure Coast and greater Orlando region.

Healthy Hearts... Healthy Mind...
Life Enjoyed!