The BaleDoneen Method®

Heart attacks and ischemic strokes are preventable. While that’s wonderful news, it takes more than medicine’s current standard of care. It takes optimal care. And optimal care is at the core of the BaleDoneen Method®.

Although cardiologists and heart surgeons across the country have successfully lowered the rate of deaths from heart attacks, the sheer number of heart attacks and strokes has not dropped. Treatment methods may have improved, but the health care industry’s approach to prevention has not gone nearly far enough.

The BaleDoneen Method® challenges the current standard of cardiovascular care by proposing a disease identification and treatment paradigm as opposed to the traditional risk factor paradigm. The current standard of cardiovascular risk assessment and care simply does not do enough to actually prevent disease onset or its reoccurrence.

The BaleDoneen Method® is a patented, optimal care model which incorporates advanced cardiovascular disease detection to identify the presence of plaque within the arterial bed combined with locating root causes and the sources of vascular inflammation. Once the causes are identified, a truly individualized treatment protocol is created to halt and reverse a patient’s risk for heart attacks, ischemic strokes, type 2 diabetes and vascular dementia.

Rather than relying on the standard risk assessment tools which produce a very incomplete and often inaccurate picture of an individual’s risk for heart attack and stroke, the BaleDoneen Method® can accurately identify “hidden” risk and save lives in the process.

The BaleDoneen Method® is the foundation of our approach to heart attack and stroke prevention. This powerful method focuses on assessing the current status of your heart, blood vessels, and brain – and all contributing factors toward health or disease. With this approach we can prevent (stop your progression toward disease), stabilize (stop any disease from worsening) and reverse cardiovascular disease. The principles of the BaleDoneen Method® are outlined in the book “Beat the Heart Attack Gene” by Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP. We provide a copy to our patients as part of their care. But if you would like to pick up a copy now, you may find it here.

The Foundational Elements that Make Up the Bale Doneen Method

1. Education: The foundation for effective prevention begins with patient education.

2. Disease: Treatment decisions should be based on whether or not a person has cholesterol in the wall of their arteries.

3. Fire (Inflammation): Events are triggered by inflammation, so identifying and reversing inflammation is critical. Inflammation creates the condition for the cholesterols to enter the vessel wall, where over time it becomes very unstable and erodes or ruptures into the blood vessel lumen causing the clot that blocks the vessel.

4. Root Causes: Identifying the root causes of arterial disease is essential to halting the disease

5. Optimal Goal Setting: Goals that modify risk factors in real time for a specific individual is more important than setting goals around the broad-view, basic standard of care.

6. Genetics: Utilize vascular genetic testing to render individualized care.

7. Individual Management: Patients are regarded as unique, precious individuals requiring therapies that are designed specifically for them.

8. Risk Factor Response: Risk factors are identified, monitored and managed for each individual patient. Quarterly testing through the Cleveland Heart Lab is part of this process.

9. Assessment of Disease Response: annual structural testing (CIMT) is performed to ensure the therapies are having a positive effect toward reversing the atherosclerotic disease process. Patients can see objective improvement as their arterial age decreases compared with their chronological age.

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