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Dr. Michael Mattice was born and raised on a farm in Michigan and is a graduate of Michigan State University where he obtained his undergraduate and medical degrees. Dr. Mattice completed his family practice residency training at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in Portland, Oregon. Over the course of 45 years in practice, he has served in two level one emergency centers as a board-certified emergency physician as well as in the private sector as a board-certified family physician. Dr. Mattice has been practicing medicine in Vero Beach for the last 30 years and during that time has maintained a special focus on heart attack and stroke prevention. Utilizing the Bale Doneen Method to help his patients prevent heart attacks, strokes, type two diabetes, kidney failure and dementia has been the most rewarding and important component of his practice in medicine.

Dr. Mattice serves on the Speakers Bureau for the Cleveland Heart Lab at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and also on the Speakers Bureau for the Bale Doneen Method.

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The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center of Vero Beach is fully committed to helping you prevent heart attacks, strokes, and reach an optimal state of health. The HASPCVB practices The Bale Doneen Method which allows us to analyze your risk in precise detail. Please read this letter from Dr. Mattice that explains the difference between what cardiologists do and what we can do for you!

The BaleDoneen Method

A letter from Dr. Mattice​