What Our Patients Are Saying
Almost every day, the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Vero Beach, receives warm, wonderful comments from patients, their families, and friends. We thank them for taking the time to praise the care they received, for telling us about their recovery, and for sharing their “the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Vero Beach” with us, which we in turn share with you here.

Dr. Michael Mattice and his assistant April Butler were recommended by Dental Health Partners of Vero Beach, Florida during a routine checkup.  In discussion of my overall health, I brought up that I had been experiencing elevated insulin levels on the Boston Heart Lab testing for the past ten years and had definite concerns about this. Having in-depth knowledge of the BaleDoneen method of cardiovascular treatment, my dental hygienist began discussing the excellence of care provided by Dr. Mattice at the Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention Center. She told me that he would be the physician to sort out what was causing this insulin issue. 

Immediately following my dental appointment, I became a patient of Dr. Mattice and have been sincerely pleased with his professional care, attention to detail, thoroughness and compassion for me as an individual while also sorting out any specific medical issues.  Since that time, I have recommended my husband, our adult children, and their spouses to seek his care and start the process of preventing cardiovascular disease from occurring or seeking the appropriate treatment for reversing these types of diseases.  

Prevention of disease is one of the greatest gifts one may offer their family and this practice has the tools to start the process of preventing or treating one’s risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and dementia.  With Dr. Michael Mattice and April Butler, I am part of a caring practice that is focused on helping me maintain a desirable quality of life as I continue to progress through the aging process.  Knowledge is power and with the knowledge provided by their care, I have the capability of changing the direction of my health thus improving my quality of life. 

Ellen B.Vero Beach, FL

To Everyone that has had a stroke or heart attack, or concerned it might happen, there is hope for you. From the moment I walked into the office of Dr. Michael Mattice, All of that anxiety and concern was taken off my shoulders. It will be the same for you.

The Bale Doneen Method as directed by Dr. Mattice works. If you want to live a happy, healthy life after a stroke or heart attack, or prevent one from ever happening, He will make it possible.

I encourage you to become a patient and feel the burden lifted off your shoulders. He is not just my doctor, he has become a great friend as well.

If you live in Florida, or can come to Florida, this is the place for you to be. Dr. Mattice will help you to “Beat the Heart Attack Gene,” and you will enjoy a path back to Health with your family and friends.

John F.Lake Wales, FL

In September, I will celebrate my 91th birthday. This is pretty special because not one of my ancestors lived past seventy-five. I am a widower and live independently in my home. I do all the housekeeping, drive, shop and work in my woodworking shop. I exercise and never feel the need to take a nap and since I detest TV, I just don’t “sit around.”

I am convinced that these wonderful sixteen years have been given to me by Dr. Mattice and the Bale-Doneen approach to modern medicine. Dr. Mattice has proven to be proactive, current and always looking over the horizon with great expectations toward the progress of medical science. Thank you Dr. Mattice. Keep learning and teaching so that more people will be as lucky as I am!

John F.Vero Beach, FL

After many years of visits to my primary care physician and cardiologist I would always come away with the feeling that they really had no idea how to prevent heart disease and in fact were basically monitoring me (stress test, blood work, etc.) until they determined I had such a serious problem that I would need an expensive and risky procedure that only helped me in the short term. While doing research online about the latest in heart disease prevention, I thankfully came across several videos and articles on the Bale Doneen method which I found to be very intriguing. This eventually brought me to search for an experienced doctor who was practicing this method and truly focused on prevention of heart disease and strokes. Thankfully I found Dr. Mattice at the Heart & Stroke Prevention center in Vero Beach. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mattice for the last 4 months and I cannot say enough positive things about the incredible service I have received. He implements the Bale Doneen method exactly as described in the book entitled “How to Beat the Heart Attack Gene” which is a must read. His approach is very thorough; spending an incredible amount of time with me, not only in the office, but also on the phone or text whenever I have questions. After an extensive initial evaluation and several key blood tests, physical evaluations, genetic testing and key imaging tests, he has clearly identified my risk profile and has put together a comprehensive plan which I am currently implementing successfully. I can honestly say that I have never received anywhere near the amazing level of service and attention that both Dr. Mattice as well as his key assistant April, have provided with every interaction. If you are serious about preventing cardiovascular disease and appreciate receiving top notch care and service, I would highly recommend Dr. Mattice and his staff to you.

Alfredo D.Miami, FL

I would be very pleased to recommend Dr. Mattice to anyone. For over 20 years he has been the physician I have completely trusted for medical care. He is knowledgeable and caring and always takes the time needed to address my medical needs. He is a true expert and wonderful human being. I wish there were more like him.

ChesterVero Beach, FL

I have been a patient of Dr. Mattice for over 20 years. His devotion to patients is shown by ongoing careful, complete evaluation and guidance. I put my trust in him to make the right decisions for me. If you follow his Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention plan, you will see results as I have: Reversal of plaque in my arteries. I am certain that my health and longevity are better because of his care.

Clint W.Vero Beach, FL

I have been a patient of Dr. Mattice for over 20 years. When I came to him, I was in terrible condition with heart failure. Statistically, patients with heart failure die within 5 years. Fortunately, I was in the right hands. Throughout his practice of emergency and family medicine, Dr. Mattice has been on a particular mission to save people from heart attacks and strokes (even before they have one). I am especially glad that I decided to sign on and give his program a try.

Nearly every morning I go to the pool for exercise. Generally, there will be 8-10 people there that have had some sort of stroke or heart problem. They all see a cardiologist and receive pretty much the same treatment: “roto-rootering” of their vessels, stress tests and medications. No one is advised by the cardiologist what caused the problem in the first place. Dr. Mattice is committed to educating his patients, the public, the dental community and fellow physicians on how to apply the Bale Doneen Method to treat or prevent heart attacks, stokes, diabetes and dementia by finding the causes of inflammation specific to the individual.

Since starting this program, I have learned so much about the causes of inflammation in my body. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is about particular types of bacteria that can be found in our mouths. These bacteria can be transmitted throughout our body and cause damage to many organs because of what it does to our arteries. Specific types of bacteria normally found in our mouths are now being found in certain types of tumors and in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease! Dr. Mattice, along with my dentist and dental hygienist worked together to eliminate a serious cause of my inflammation. Also, I learned that I have a gene that causes me to not process gluten correctly. It wasn’t just giving me indigestion; it was affecting my arteries too. There were many issues for me to address; learning what they were and how to fix them has made all the difference. Every person is truly unique. Dr. Mattice carefully evaluates each patient to determine their individual issues and prescribes a plan just for them. The best part about him is that he will spend as much time as you need to answer your questions and help you understand what you need to do to achieve a healthy and long life. As you can tell… 20 years later…I think the effort is worth it.

Bill C.Vero Beach, FL

Michael Mattice, M.D., personifies the old French word “FISIC IEN” which means a person skilled in the art of healing. Specifically: one who is educated, clinically experienced, and who exerts a remedial or salutary (beneficial) influence on another thorough teaching.

For years Dr. Mattice worked in emergency room settings and family practice clinics, constantly being exposed to patients presenting with life-threatening cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and diabetes and being witness to the psychological and financial disharmony caused by these conditions to the patient as well as their friends and family.

With his almost daily “front-line experience” and observations, he became increasingly convinced that heart disease could not be explained by “cholesterol” and treated definitively by cardiac bypass (stenting).

In searching for the truth, Mike became aware that a group of physicians at the Cleveland Clinic, the Cleveland Heart Lab and the creators of the Bale-Doneen Method were approaching Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, strokes, dementia and congestive heart failure from a whole new concept with a basis in “inflammation”. They were able to positively identify and isolate pathologic oral bacteria, vascular inflammatory markers and vascular genetics whose presence created the inflammatory cause of atherosclerotic disease. Once the offending causes had been identified, treatment protocols were instituted resulting in the reversal of pre-diabetes, and cardiac/stroke events and in doing so, greatly improved lifestyles for affected patients who followed the “new protocols”.

Through several years of study and experience Mike has affiliated with this group of pioneers and has distinguished himself with additional training to provide this service to his patients.

With his knowledge and training he helps to identify patients that are likely to develop cardiovascular disease, provides them with an effective individual treatment protocol to prevent that first (or second) life-threatening event. He will teach you how to enjoy high quality health.

James L.Cain M.D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Mattice for over 30 years. He is a fine gentleman and a distinguished physician of utmost integrity, experience and knowledge with an intense desire to help his patients recover and heal. He finds answers to heart attack and stroke prevention; an awesome and exciting challenge to which he devotes endless hours of his time. He is extremely resourceful and has a memory that holds every bit of information he reads or hears.

I cannot recommend this outstanding doctor strongly enough for his goodness, determination and abilities.

Betty J.Vero Beach, FL

You CAN LIVE Free from worries!