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Summer Vegetable Soup

Ready in just 30 minutes and packed with heart-healthy antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, this garden-fresh soup is perfect for a light-yet-filling summer lunch or dinner. The turmeric adds a tangy twist and also anti-inflammatory properties that support arterial wellness. For a flavor variation, replace basil with oregano, parsley or other fresh herbs of your choice.

2 celery stalks with leaves
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 small yellow onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons tomato paste
8 cups of low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth
¼ teaspoon turmeric
¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
2 zucchinis, sliced in ¼ inch circles
1 cup chopped, peeled tomato
1 15½-ounce can navy beans, rinsed and drained
1 cup green beans, cut into 2-inch pieces
Basil leaves, slivered (for garnish)

Remove celery leaves, chop and reserve. Slice stalks into ½ inch pieces. In a large soup pot, sauté celery slices and onions in oil over medium heat until tender, stirring frequently, until onions are translucent and celery is softened (about 10 minutes). Reduce heat to medium-low, add garlic and tomato paste and cook for an additional two minutes, stirring frequently. Add all remaining ingredients except basil and bring to a gentle boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Remove from heat and stir in chopped celery leaves. Let the soup stand for five minutes, covered. Garnish with silvered basil leaves and enjoy! Adapted from and