The “Roots of the Tree”

In this video, Dr. Michael Mattice explains the “Roots of the Tree” of Vascular Inflammation and discusses the sources where the “Fire in the Wall” of your arteries originates. We understand that every individual is unique in what causes the fire, and all of this fire can be controlled and extinguished.

There are many root causes as you can see, such as Obstructive sleep apnea, genetics, endodontic and periodontal diseases ( which is now the #1 cause of the fire), insulin resistance, #2, high blood pressure, elevated lipids, autoimmune diseases, lifestyle, lp(A) Called the “mass murderer” (That 99% of the public never gets tested for), psychosocial stress, nicotine exposure, gut dysbiosis (AKA the leaky gut syndrome), low vitamin d, (Which is critical to your innate immune system) And more.

Dr. Mattice will explain what each one of these markers means and how to get rid of them. 

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